Judging Others (Luke 6:36-42)

  • By Shayne Robinson
  • 06 Mar, 2016
Speaker: Shayne Robinson
Sermon Title: Judging Others (Luke 6:36-42)

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Here we come to phrase that is probably quoted as much in our culture as anything else in scripture… “judge not” hangs on the lips and stands against the perception of condemnation for actions and thoughts and beliefs…

Yet, before we discount this as just some misquote of Jesus – before we jump to the statement that our culture just doesn’t understand the context – we must acknowledge that as Christ-followers we need to hear what Jesus is saying and apply what He means to our lives.

Whatever Jesus is saying needs to impact the reality of our life. We need it to sink in and be brought to repentance and restoration where it hits home for us – because whatever Jesus IS talking about is wicked and sinful, and brings destruction into our life.

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By Shayne Robinson 13 Oct, 2017
By Shayne Robinson 13 Oct, 2017
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